Virtually Frameless Doors

Ultra Slimline Doors

With a remarkably minimal sight profile of just 20mm, the Ultra Slimline Door is a structurally bonded system constructed from premium grade aluminium, meaning that it can accommodate vast glass panes (up to 2.2m wide and 3m tall) and thus ensure that your space is as spectacular as it is secure. 

What style of windows are there?

Thermal Efficiency

Whereas installing glass doors may once have meant a reduction in thermal efficiency, every single solution breaks with that tradition twice over. Firstly, all our doors are ‘thermally broken’ so as to massively reduce heat transfer between inside and out. Secondly, the panes in the Cortizo Slider use low-emissivity glass with an invisible coating that reflects heat back into your space and so retains energy. Together, these two innovations combine to keep you cool through the summer months and warm as the nights turn colder. With a thermal transmittance U-Value of 1.4 W/m2K, any configuration you choose using the Cortizo Slider will exceed the UK Building Regulations for thermal efficiency, thereby providing you with all the comfort, cost-efficiency and green credentials you could ask for.

Strong & Secure

By combining the strength of premium tempered glass and the security of at least six locking points, every Cortizo Slider set gives you the ultimate in reassurance and protection. What’s more, the multipoint integrated locking system secures firmly and sleekly into the frame, locking style in and unwanted visitors out. 

Infinite Colour Choices

Customisation is king – and that extends to your choice of colour. Whatever your personal aesthetic preference, we can provide a balance of options to meet your chosen style, with coats available in every standard RAL hue and every shade in between. So, before you decide on your preferred finish, why not take a look at our RAL colour chart to get an idea of what might work best with your building’s interior and exterior décor?

In stock colours we have:

  • RAL 9005m black
  • RAL 7021m black grey
  • RAL 7016m anthracite grey
  • RAL7015m Slate Grey
  • RAL 9010g white

Virtually Frameless Door

Innovative, practical and ergonomic, our automated door-opening system enables effortless access to your space, whatever your circumstances. Operated at the touch of a button, the motorised ‘Access Assist’ function activates the locks and initiates the motion of the sliding doors, seamlessly shifting hundreds of kilograms of toughened glass in a matter of moments. Relied upon by many previous customers to provide a more comfortably accessible solution, Access Assist has proven especially valuable to users with limited mobility. For more information, go to the contact form at the bottom of this page.

Key Facts:

  • 20mm sight line
  • Concealed internal trickle vent
  • Option for internal lock or locks both sides
  • 10mm toughened glass used as standard

Panel Configurations