Origin Residential Doors

Giving Your Home Character

The Origin Front Door is a precision-driven, expertly engineered object of beauty.

Providing the ultimate combination of advanced security, tasteful aesthetics and thermal efficiency, the Origin Front Door boasts the additional benefit of being exclusively manufactured in the UK by our highly trained craftspeople using only premium-grade aluminium.

Available in a range of stunning panel choices, colours and styles, it’s completely bespoke, enabling you to create a personal statement with ease; because first impressions matter.

All About Front Doors

At Origin, we believe in creating the door you want, exactly the way you want it. Our advanced manufacturing techniques allow our doors to be tailor-made to your precise specifications. From single doors and French doors that can be used in a home or garage, through to grand entranceways with side flags and transom windows. No matter what type of door you’re after, we’ve got it covered.

Panel Options

With 8 innovative and classically stylish panels to choose from, you’re bound to find your ideal fit. From panels that incorporate lots of glass to flood your hallway with natural light, and classic Georgian and Victorian styles that never go out of fashion, through to ultra-modern aluminium panels – there’s a style to suit every taste. No matter which look you choose, all of our panels are manufactured with a highly efficient Thermimax core, and are finished with aluminium inner and outer layers, assuring you of optimum security and thermal performance at all times.

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Kensington SE07
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Kensington GE01
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Sandringham CO05

Doors for every season

Open up a world of exciting possibilities, with the Origin Front Door.

Expertly engineered, entirely bespoke and 100% UK-made from the highest quality materials, it’s a perfect combination of attractive aesthetics and uncompromising performance.

You can customise your door to meet your exact and unique requirements – in everything from size, colour and finish right down to individual components. The final result will inspire and protect your home for years to come – providing vibrant colour in spring, optimal security when away on your holiday in summer, low maintenance care in autumn and superior thermal efficiency in winter.

Available in 8 panel designs and 150 colour shades, you’ll always find your perfect door – whatever the weather.

Unsurpassed Security

While we never underestimate the importance of aesthetics, we appreciate that the main function of a door is to provide safety and security. Which is why the Origin Front Door has been designed with heightened protection in mind – from ultra-safe locking systems to different barrel choices and a range of additional security features. Origin Front Doors have also been accredited with the Secured By Design certification.

Thermal Efficiency

Combining style with thermal performance, the Origin Front Door has been expertly engineered to optimise energy efficiency.

All of our doors boast an advanced polyamide break, designed to limit heat transfer from the interior to the exterior. In addition, the panel is composed of inner and outer layers of aluminium, along with an ultra-insulating Therminax core. So no matter which style of door you choose – be it solid panel or partly-glazed, you can rest assured it will offer optimal thermal efficiency year-round for increased comfort and lower energy bills.

Plus, thanks to some of the most sophisticated weather-tight seals on the market, your door will keep the elements at bay, come rain or shine.

The Strength Of High Grade Aluminium

No matter which style of Origin Front Door you opt for, all are manufactured with premium-grade aluminium, which is comprised of only prime billets. It’s exceptionally strong, yet weighs 67% less than steel. And because our aluminium isn’t made up of re-melted scraps, it gives us greater control over its formulation.

The benefits of this superior-quality aluminium are vast. For a start, it imbues our doors with an innate strength for optimum security. And unlike timber or uPVC, it’s resilient to the elements too – so the frames won’t warp, flex or corrode. Finally, our aluminium is finished with the highest-grade powder coating available – giving our frames a scratch-resistant surface that’s resistant to contaminants. The result is a low-maintenance product that’s protected from colour fading and engineered for longevity.

Getting A Handle On Things

A beautiful door deserves an eye-catching handle – and our range of door pulls and handles provide a classy finishing touch to your bespoke Origin Front Door. Striking the optimum balance between superior strength and sleek design, our elegant handles are exhaustively cycle-tested for durability and longevity. So you can rest assured that they will stand the test of time.

Knock Knock!

Among the many stylish accessories that you can add to your Origin Front Door, is a fashionable doorknocker. For more traditional homes or properties, choose the classically styled Affinity Urn knocker, a timeless design that fuses modern symmetry with traditional character. If a contemporary look is more your penchant, our vertical slim-line knocker will work wonderfully. Both models have an integrated spyhole and escutcheon plate.